Playground Safety Audit (CPSI Services)

Safety Audit for Playground and Fitness Corner

We have our competent Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (certified by NRPA) to assist you in ensuring that your playground facilities are up to the standards as required in Singapore. The base guidelines as stipulated in SS:457 and SS:534 will be the benchmark to ensure compliance as well as recommendations for improvements.

Our inspectors had completed projects under town councils, HDB, National Parks as well as overseas audit projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea.

Our inspectors are also engaged to audit sites under the cyclical maintenance programmes for playground equipment by the various estates.

The Attenuation Impact Testing can also be carried out upon your request to ensure the rubber flooring is still in good condition.

Current CPSIs - Contact us

Individuals with the CPSI license are welcome to contact us for potential assignments. 

Do email to us your license as well as your interest.